Turbo Pumps

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Turbo-molecular pumps belong to the category of transport pumps and their design resembles a turbine. The pumping system consists of stator and movable rotor discs with blades that rotate so that the surface speed of the rotor discs is comparable to that of gas molecules. Thus, the pumps pump in the area of molecular flow and for its function they need to be supplemented by a primary pump in their pumping system. Turbomolecular pumps are manufactured with a pump speed range from 10l/sec up to cca 4000l/sec. The pumps have a high compression ratio (may be up to 109 for N2) and some may reach a limit pressure of <=10-10 hPa (mbar). The most common design for the constructions is the so-called hybrid rotor bedding, which in this case is stored on one side in a ball bearing and on the other end in a magnetic one or it is a version with a magnetically levitating rotor. The turbo-molecular pump is used both in industry and in science and research to obtain clean hydrocarbon free vacuum. If you are not sure about choosing the correct type, contact us please.

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